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In-Venue Closed Captioning

With every new sports venue, remodel, or video-scoreboard renovation comes a decision each sports organization must make: how to comply with federal and local regulations on providing in-venue live closed-captioning content for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Deaf Movie Fan Sues Pittsburgh Movie Theater

Pittsburgh, PA – Kenneth DeHaan, a deaf movie fan from Pittsburgh, filed suit today against Cleveland Cinemas, LLC and Soffer Organization for refusing to provide captioning for deaf individuals at the SouthSide Works cinema in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. DeHaan made multiple requests that the Southside Works theater, the theater closest to his home, come into compliance […]

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Deaf Citizen Sues Oklahoma Legislature

Oklahoma City, OK – Johnny Reininger, Jr., a deaf Oklahoma man filed suit today against the State of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Senate and House of Representatives for the failure of the Oklahoma legislature to caption hearings and other proceedings streamed online. The complaint contends that the Oklahoma Senate and House of Representatives maintain websites […]

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Captioner’s job lands her a ticket to inauguration ball

Denise Hinxman was selected to caption the Southern States Presidential Inaugural Ball. She flew from Reno, Nevada to Washington, D.C. on a moment’s notice. With her encoder in hand, Denise arrived and captioned the speeches of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.   BY MARTINA BEATTY • MBEATTY@RGJ.COM • JANUARY 25, 2009 One […]